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The Observations of John Larkin - October 1996
Bloomed September 10 - October 3, 1996:
(*) indicates number of months in bloom

  • Agalinis fasciculata, Pink Foxglove - An herb (dies during winter), single stem branches out about l' from base. Pretty pink 1" flowers making a great showing in fields & roadsides. Plants blacken when dry.

  • Ambrosia trifida and A. artemisii, Ragweeds - In their prime to aggravate our sinuses with fall hay fever. Have pictures in my "Weeds of Southern United States." They are shallow rooted and can be pulled up easily.

  • Ascyrum hypericoides, St. Andrew's Cross - Native shrub. Small with short, flat leaves, 1" yellow flowers that form a cross. (3)

  • Aster adnatus, Chain-leaf Aster ; A. ericoides, Fall Aster; A. lateriflorus, White; A. praealtus - Very showy lavender Aster - All the asters in Brown's "Wildflowers of Louisiana" (and others) are in bloom now.

  • Baccharis halimifolia, Groundsel Trees, Everlasting ( Native Shrubs and Woody Vines of the Southeast) - Shrub with many branches to 10' tall & Many flowers with no rays (petals). If cut while still tight and put in a vase with no water, the pappus (silky hairs) will keep in a kitchen window forever (almost).

  • Bidens aristosa, Sticktight - 1 1/2" yellow flowers, will grow in wet places.

  • B. pilosa, Shepherd's Needle - 1" white flowers with yellow centers, will grow on roadsides, etc. (3)

  • Carphephorus odoratissima, Vanilla plant - Perennial herb, 4-5' tall, purplish flower clusters. Leaves smell like vanilla.

  • Eupatoriums - There are at least eight blooming at this time, mostly white. The most attractive one is E. coelestinum, with numerous clusters of bluish flowers, looks great on roadsides and in my yard.

  • E. incarnatum, Pink Eupatorium - Similar to above with pinkish blue flowers, but not as plentiful (on the rare list).

  • Helianthus, Sunflowers - Most of the sunflowers have already had their flowering season, the one making the biggest display now is H. angustifolius.My wife and I drove by at least a million blooms this past Sunday, 9-29-96,

  • Heterotheca mariana, Golden Aster is still blooming and so is H. graminifolia, Silk Grass to 3' tall and H. subaxillaris to 6' tall. All have yellow flowers.

  • Hedeoma pulegioides, American Pennyroyal - Small shrub with numerous light blue flowers. Blooming on Mockingbird Hill. ("Kentucky" p. 206)

  • Ipomoea coccinea, Red Morning Glory - Orange/red tubular flowers, which stay open for two days and nights.

  • I. quamoclit, Cypress Vine - The hummers love them and they are still here (10-3-96)

  • Lantana montevidensis, Trailing Lantana (Introduced) - Is still covered with lavender and white flowers.

  • Liatris, Blazing Stars - The three in Brown's book are still in bloom.

  • Lobelia cardinalis, Cardinal Flowers - To 5' bright red clusters of flowers.

  • L. siphilitica, Big Blue Lobelia.

  • Macranthera flammea, Flame Flower - Annual or biennial herb, about 6' tall, bright orange tubular flowers, 1" long. Leaves are 36" long and deeply indented. Parasitic on roots of other woody plants, in moist situations. Very rare.

  • Monarda punctata, Horsemint - Perennial to 3' tall, two or more flowers in close clusters at the end of each flowering stems. Yellow to light pink flowers surround stem.

  • Muhelenbergia fifipes, Pink Muhelenbergia - Tufted perennial grass to 80 cm tall. Inflorence is a loose, pinkish flower cluster, showy in morning or evening sunlight. (WFSEUS)

  • Passiffora incarnata, Passion Flower - Perennial herb vine having 3" purple and white flowers with very interesting and intricate parts. (4)

  • Rhexia alifanus, Meadow Beauty - Perennial herb to 4', 1 1/2" bright pink flowers with four petals and yellow stamens.

  • R. mariana, Pale Meadow Beauty - Smaller flower and plant.

  • R. virginica, Common Meadow Beauty - To 3' tall, 1 1/4" pink flowers. (All Rhexias have four petalled flowers and urn-shaped seed pods. They bloom for at least four months).

  • Salvia azuera, Blue Sage - Perennial herb to 5' tall, unless pinched back. Blue and white flowers similar to lobelia, but doesn't have lower lip with three lobes.

  • Solidagos - There are quite a number of Goldenrods that all resemble weeds until they start to bloom, then they color our roadsides and fields to a pleasant yellow. Cutting them back in June makes them more compact.

  • Spilanthes americana, Creeping Spilanthes - Perennial herb, low growing, will root at nodes. Yellow petals with darker centers - likes moist locations.

  • Trichostema dichotomum, Blue Curls - Annual to 3'. Small lavender flowers with four stamen curling out and down over lower lip. (WFSEUS)

  • Verbena rigida, Stiff Verbena and V. tenuisecta, Moss Verbena are still blooming.

  • Vernonia missurica, Ironweed - Perennial herb to 3', stout stem. branches out and has attractive purplish flowers at terminals.

Printable October, 1996 Blooms (Adobe PDF)

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