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The Observations of John Larkin - June 1996
Bloomed from May 10 to June 10, 1996

Years from this present time, I hope the following wildflowers will still be around, and flourishing, to please our senses:   (*) indicates number of months in bloom

  • Achillea millefolium, White Yarrow - Perennial herb to 2' lacy foliage white flowers in flat clusters. (2)
  • Aphanostephus skirrobasis, Lazy Daisy - Annual to 20", 3/4" white flowers with yellow centers, resembles Daisy Fleabane. (2)
  • Centrosema virginianum, Butterfly Pea - A thin herbaceous vine, three leaflets per stem, 1" lavender/blue pea shaped flowers, fruit a thin, stiff twisting pod.
  • Daubentonia punicea, Red Rattlebox (Introduced) - 4-8 foot shrub with Mimosa-like leaves. Orange/red, drooping flower clusters. Seems to like wet feet.
  • Echinacea purpurea, Purple Coneflower - Pretty 3" flowers with dark centers and pink petals. Drought resistant perennial. The plants I sowed in Dottie Jenkins' front garden are doing great, there are at least a dozen in bloom now. We have a full pound of these for fall planting.
  • Helenium amarium, Bitterweed - Annual or biennial herb to 2' tall with many 3/4" all yellow flowers.   Will bloom after mowing.
  • Heterotheca subaxillaris - Perennial herb to 3', many branches, with clusters of 1" yellow flowers. Were late to start blooming this year, because of the drought.
  • Iris verna, Dwarf Iris - Perennial from rhizomes (mostly underground stems).   Small white flower, about 6-12" tall.
  • Lilium tigrinum, Tiger Lily - 4-5' tall, orange flowers, with reflexed petals and dark spots. Increase by producing bulbils in the axils of the leaves. One of the oldest lilies in existence.
  • Lonicera sempervirens, Coral Honeysuckle – Not rampant, evergreen vine with clusters of bright red tubular flowers.   (4)

  • Mimosa strigillosa, Sensitive Plant - Perennial herb with spineless stems. Pink, puffy flowers. Leaves fold when touched.  

  • Oenothera speciosa, Showy Evening Primrose - 3" pink or white flowers. (We have 1/2 pound for fall sowing). (4)
  • Polygala mariana - Small annual plant to 10", narrow leaves, 1/2" lavender/white/yellow terminal racenes. W.F.S.E.U.S., p. 94.
  • Psoralea psoralioides, Sampson Snake Root – Erect perennial to 2', three foliate leaves to 3" long. Purple flowers on 6" clusters. Attractive in ditch by McDonald's, U.S. 90 and La. 22.
  • Rosa bracteata , Chickasaw Rose - ( Imported )  Evergreen, 2 1/2" white rose with yellow centers.   Not as high climbing as Cherokee Rose.
  • Rudbeckia amplexicaulis, R fulgida, & R hirta are still in bloom. Cone-flower.
  • R maxima, Giant cone-flower is also in bloom.
  • Ruellia caroliniensis, Wild Petunia -   Perennial herb to 12", 1" pinkish-blue flowers.
  • Stylosanthes biflora, Pencil Flower - Small perennial, erect stems, three leaflets per stem. 1/2" pea shaped yellow flowers.
  • Verbena rigida and V. tenuisecta are both in bloom. (2)
  • Viburnum ashei, Ash's Arrowood - Woody shrub to 10'. Leaves opposite, notched, white flower clusters.

Printable June, 1996 Blooms (Adobe PDF)

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