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The Observations of John Larkin - April, 1996

Part of our endowment listed is what bloomed from mid-March to April 10th.
Bracketed numbers = months in bloom.

  • Amsonia ludoviciana (La.), Blue Star- Perennial herb to 2 ½’ - grows in small colonies. Alternate leaves to 4" long, 1 1/4-2" wide.3/4" light blue flowers in terminal clusters. Rare in La. and very rare globally.
  • Callirhoe papaver, Poppy-mallow - Perennial from carrot-like tubers, flowers 1 1/2-2", red cup-shaped, on trailing plant.
  • Chionanthus virginica, Fringetree - Large shrub with deciduous leaves, flowers white, petals 1" long, 1/16" wide, giving a fluffy appearance.
  • Cornus florida, Flowering Dogwood. (2)
  • Erigeron philadephicus, Daisy Fleabane - Biennial or short-lived perennial, to 30" tall, many 3/4" flowers with white ray flowers (about 150) and bright yellow discs (centers).
  • Fothergilla major, Witch Alder - Small shrub to 60" tall, with deeply toothed leaves 3-4" long, 2 to 3" wide. Flowers white with many stamens, Mimosa-like, appearing before the leaves. Rare. Endangered. (Native Shrubs & Woody Vines of S. E., Foote & Jones.)
  • Houstonia patens, Bluets. Tiny 1/4" blue flowers. (2)
  • Hypoxis hirsuta, Yellow Stargrass. 3/4", six- petalled flowers, low growing.
  • Krigia dandelion - Perennial herb, 1" yellow flowers on 10" stems. Male flowers are slightly larger and fuller than the female.
  • K. virginica, is the tiny, 1/4" double, yellow, low growing flower.
  • Malus angustifolia, Southern Crabapple - Small tree with many 1" delicate pink flowers. Doris Jenkins Pettit gave cuttings to friends, which took.
  • Oenothera speciosa, Showy Evening Primrose - Perennial herb 12 to 18" tall, 3" pink or white cup-shaped flowers. March to June. (2).
  • Phlox divaricata, P.pilosa and a purple one are in bloom.
  • Rosa laevigata, Cherokee Rose. - 31/2" white, high climbing.
  • Salvia Iyrata, Lyre-leaved Sage - Perennial numerous blue flowers in whorls, on 1 to 5 square stems. Colonies are looking great on our roadsides.
  • Sisyrinchium capillare, Blue-eyed Grass - 3/4" blue flowers.
  • Ranunculus fascicularis & R. muricatus are still blooming. (2)
  • Tradescantia virginiana, Spiderwort - Perennial herb, l' tall, blue; pink or white flowers with grass-like leaves.
  • Verbena rigida, Stiff Verbena - Perennial trailing, low growing with purple flower clusters.
Printable April, 1996 Blooms (Adobe PDF)
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